CS50x2 Fall 2011

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Information for CS5012/5022/5032 Accelerated Structured Programming/Object-Oriented Programming/Data Structures, Fall 2011 will be posted here.


Mr. Jason L Causey
OfficeCSM 130Office HoursOffice hours for Spring 2022 will be announced soon. For now, Zoom and in-person meetings are available by appointment.

Sections 001 and 002

Meeting Time Meeting Room
Lecture: 1:00-2:00 p.m. MW CSM 212
1:00-2:30 p.m. TR CSM 212

Syllabus and Other Information

CS50x2 Fall 2011 Syllabus

CS50x2 Grading Guidelines (Causey)

CS50x2 Fall 2011 Scheduled Topics

Komodo Edit

Lecture Homework Material

The material listed here should normally be accessed by first visiting the CSCADE website and using the Material link to link back here. Viewing this material directly from here could result in parts or all of the instructions being hidden.

List of Available Assignments

Software Download Links

Komodo Edit
http://www.openkomodo.com/ Download and install Cygwin first... Komodo is just the editor. Cygwin will let you compile and run your programs.
An ssh and sftp client
See the SSH and SCP Clients section below for several options.

Virtual Machine

This course has access to a Linux-based virtual machine at the IP address Students may log into the virtual machine using the ssh (Secure Shell) protocol. Your username and password are the same as you use to log into CSCADE.

SSH and SCP Clients

In order to log into the virtual machine, you need an ssh client. Mac and Linux users can access the command shell through a Terminal window by executing the ssh command (type man ssh for instructions). To transfer files, either use Komodo to "Save Remotely" and "Open Remote File", or use a secure file-transfer (scp or sftp) client. Below are some download links.

SSH Secure Shell Client
The SSH client includes both shell and file transfer abilities. (Windows)
Also provides both shell and file transfer abilities. (Windows)
ftp/sftp client available for all major platforms. (Linux, OS-X, Windows)
A popular ftp/sftp client for Mac OS-X is now also available for Windows. (OS-X, Windows)
gFTP is a graphical secure FTP client for Linux. Available as source or in .deb packages (for e.g. Ubuntu). Again, you can do ssh from the Terminal, but gFTP will make transferring files easier.