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Computer Science Department Policies

Course Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken each day per university policy. For 1000 and 2000 level courses, students missing more than twice the number of weekly class meetings may be assigned a grade of F for the course; see the Arkansas State University Student Handbook's for specific details.

If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to cover the material that was covered in class on that day. Check the course website and contact the course instructor if you must miss a class. Since most assigned material (with the exception of exams) will be administered in an online format, you will still be able (and expected) to complete your course work even if you are not able to physically attend the class.

For web-assisted sections, a WN will be issued to any student that has not created a SimNet account or contacted the instructor by the 11th class day.

Course Exam Policy

All exam dates, along with the material to be covered, are posted (see Important Dates). Exams must be taken in person in our classroom, and at the scheduled date and time unless scheduled through Access & Accommodation Services. Any missed exams may be made up on Study Day (see Important Dates for details). If you miss the makeup exam, no further opportunity for a makeup will be available.

Course Homework Policy

Homework in the form of "Lessons" (tutorial material) and short "Quizzes" will be assigned regularly. This is a very hands-on course, and you simply cannot learn these concepts without going through the exercises and repeating each task a number of times. Check the SimNet website for assignment postings. If you are having trouble with the assignments, it is your responsibility to get help (and the sooner the better).

Classroom Courtesy

  • Please be respectful of others and realize that this is a learning environment.
  • Classroom participation and discussion is encouraged; please keep on subject.
  • Always be on time for class (excessive tardiness will count as absence).
  • No tobacco, food or open drinks are allowed in the labs or classrooms.
  • Students who become disruptive to the class will be asked to leave.

Academic Adjustments

Students who require academic adjustments in the classroom due to a disability must first register with Access & Accommodation Services. Following registration and within the first two weeks of class, please contact me to discuss appropriate accommodations. Appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure equal access to this course.

Obtaining Grades

Official grades must be obtained from the Student Self-Service website. Grades cannot be discussed over the phone or via email from an account other than You can track your progress in this course on the SimNet website or CSCADE.

Final Bits

  • Any questions should be directed to the course instructor during class, through email or during office hours.
  • This is a general policy statement and is subject to change by the department.