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Student Infrastructure Fee - Survey and History


Every enrolled college student pays an infrastructure fee each semester as part of enrollment. As a result, the A-State College of Sciences and Mathematics Infrastructure Committee understands that you (the student) should be involved in the decision-making process to improve our infrastructure. The dean, chair, and students on the committee for the Computer Science Department want to listen to your ideas in order to present students' requests for use of infrastructure fees allocated to the Computer Science Department. Please list any infrastructure requests (i.e. chairs, ceiling tiles, bathroom stalls, desks, computers, etc.) that you feel needs to be added or improved. Please list them in your priority order, with the first item listed as your highest priority.

NOTE: Please be realistic as budgets are not unlimited and there exist certain limits that requests are not allowed to exceed.

Funded Requests


  • CSM 203 - 31 computers for lab ($35,000)
  • CSM 211 - replace Starboard, upgrade computer, document camera ($6,000)
  • CSM 212 - replace Starboard, upgrade computer, document camera ($6,000)

See Also

Infrastructure Survey handout (pdf) form used in classroom, can be used to turn in paper form to main office