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This information is for Computer Science graduate assistants working in the laboratory.

Department Requirements of Graduate Assistants

List of requirements

Federal, State and Campus Policies

Programming Laboratories

Laboratory Policies

Grading Guidelines

See the Computer Science Program Grading Criteria (with Doxygen) page for our department grading guidelines.

Grading Feedback

Include the following header at the very top of each program you grade.

//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THIS HOMEWORK HAS BEEN GRADED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
//~~Grader:  Name
//~~GRADING CRITERIA (each category ranked 0-5)
//~~For more info, see:
//~~Output Correctness `[O]: 
//~~Output Quality     `[Q]: 
//~~Algor. Correctness `[C]: 
//~~Style/Clarity      `[S]: 
//~~Documentation      `[D]: 
//~~Other Considerations   : # of days late/plagiarism
//~~Pts. Possible          : 
//~~Pts. Earned            : 
//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[S]: Compiler warnings:
copy compiler warnings here

//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[O]: Include specific details regarding why points were deducted
//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~   : and/or suggestions for improvement

//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[Q]: 

//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[C]: 

//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[S]: 

//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[D]:
  • Use the top line as a guide for an 80 character line.
  • Include your name as the grader of record.
  • Remove any unnecessary grader notes. For example, if there were no compiler warnings, remove the section dealing with compiler warnings.

Plagiarism Feedback

In cases of plagiarized student programs, you are encouraged to use the following prepared notice in the grader comments of the returned program (at the direction of the Instructor):

//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~[PLAG]:  The source code submitted for this assignment was found to be
//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~      :  unacceptably similar to the source code submitted by another
//~~*GRADER NOTE*~~      :  student.

You may also want to include the URL of the Academic Integrity section of the syllabus for the course. (CS2114 Academic Integrity URL given above.)

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