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Department Action Items


  1. revised: 02/10/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (ALL) need to finalize both the Graduate and Undergraduate by 2/26/2010


  1. assigned: 01/13/2010 (ALL) start process of outlining courses and putting outcomes online this semester
  2. assigned: 01/13/2010 (ALL) start filling out course index pages
  3. assigned: 01/13/2010 (ALL) start a self-study by end of semester
  4. assigned: 01/13/2010 (Jeff) add templates to course index pages
  5. assigned: 01/13/2010 (Jeff) check the Engineering Accreditation guidelines along with the CS Accreditation
  6. assigned: 01/13/2010 (Joe) restore CSCADE archived files for access to collect copies for accreditation


  1. completed: 02/18/2010 assigned: 02/17/2020 (Jeff) email website for Digital Measures
  2. completed: 02/10/2010 assigned: 01/20/2010 (Ed) College of Engineering request for syllabus for CS 2114
  3. completed: 01/27/2010 revised: 01/20/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (ALL) read/edit/adopt policies by 1/27/2010 (see Department/Policies/Classroom)
  4. completed: 01/20/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (ALL) decide by 1/20/2010 whether faculty scan or student scans (if student scans, she'll see names)
  5. completed: 01/20/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (Ed) check FERPA impact on department if student scans documents with student names
  6. completed: 01/17/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (Jeff) email syllabus template and reference card to faculty
  7. completed: 01/16/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (Jeff) add templates to faculty home pages
  8. completed: 01/14/2010 assigned: 01/13/2010 (Joe) check costs of multipage-scanner/copier for department