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Food and Drinks
Department policy restricts bringing either food or drinks into the classroom.
Electronic Devices
Cell phones and music players are restricted during class. Cell phones must be silenced during the lecture. If your phone rings or you are texting or interacting with apps during class, you may be asked to leave. Other devices (computers, tablets, recorders, etc.) may be allowed, but you must obtain permission from the instructor before you use them during class. Cell phones are not allowed to be on your desk during an exam. Cell phones should be silenced and placed either in your pocket or backpack before you begin an exam. All electronic devices (including calculators) are prohibited for use during an exam unless explicit permission is given by the instructor of the class. In situations where calculators are allowed, this does not implicitly extend to a calculator app on a smartphone or smart watch — you must obtain additional permission in advance to use such an app.
Special Facilities
Students who require academic adjustments in the classroom due to a disability must first register with A-State Disability Serivces. Following registration and within the first two weeks of class, please contact the instructor to discuss the appropriate academic accommodations to ensure equal access to this course.
Attendance is required. If you miss a class, you are responsible for material covered during the class you missed, this includes any assignments made. Do not expect the instructor to provide one-on-one instruction for missed classes. You will be excused for prescheduled university-sponsored events for which you are required to attend, but you must notify the instructor well in advance of each event date.
All students are expected to be on time when the class starts. At certain times, there may be reasons to be late to the class, but chronic lateness is not excusable. The instructor may lock the door 10 minutes after the course starts.
Cheating and Plagiarism
You are encouraged to discuss problems and programming assignments with each other. Helping others learn is often the most powerful way of mastering the material yourself. However, taking somebody else's work and claiming it as your own is plagiarism and will be punished. Do not leave copies of the programming assignments in the trash in a public place -- dispose of them at home. Also, do not leave electronic copies of your work in unsecured directories. There are harsh penalties for those found cheating.
Rescheduling Tests
Tests cannot be rescheduled due to testing in other classes. If a test is missed due to extenuating circumstances then you must notify the instructor as soon as possible. The circumstances must be documented by you and must be excusable in order to reschedule a test.
Late Assignments
For most homework assignments, the class will receive a working solution within a week after the due date. NO assignments will be accepted that are more than one week late. Assignments that are less than a week late, will be accepted only if you have made arrangements with the instructor and can show you have made progress on a solution. Be forwarned that late assignments may have points deducted.