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Seafile provides file syncing, sharing, and mobile access to your files. There are clients for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Seafile Information

Current version installed on our server is 5.1.3.

When looking at the Seafile Help pages or Wiki, please follow instruction for version 2+.

Restrictions and Quotas


You cannot ssh to the machine unless you are a CS Admin. This is not the same as the home directories provided by NFS.

Access is restricted to Computer Science Faculty and Instructors only.


All users have the following quotas in place.

  • 10GB of storage

By default sharing does not count toward the quota usage. And it will not duplicate the files.

Installing Seafile

If you have previously installed the Seafile client, please uninstall it and install the latest version.

All Platforms

Download the appropriate client for your OS from

Mobile Platforms

You can download the Seafile client from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Accessing the Cloud

Service Address: Only https is support.

Your username is the email address associated with your A-State Account. Your password is your A-State password.

If asked for a port number, please leave it blank or do not include it as part of the address. It is not required to access our server. This includes the mobile clients (no port number is needed).

Additional Information on Usage

Seafile is a file syncing service. If you intend on syncing libraries (directories) where you will be compiling programs, please disable the auto sync or use an ignore file. Instructions on how to setup an ignore file can be found here.


Seafile does provide the ability to encrypt your files/libraries, however, I ask that you do not use the encryption function. The reason is as follows:

This service should not be used for personal files only work/school/research related material, all of which A-State has the right to access if requested. (If you do storage personal files on the server or any A-State computer/device, beware that by doing so you explicitly give A-State permission to access those files.) If you encrypt your files or libraries, no one but you can decrypt them (unless you give out your password). This also means that if you encrypt them and forget your password, they can not be recovered.

The encryption function will be disabled when the option becomes available.

If you feel that you need encryption for some reason, you will need to discuss and get prior permission from both Dr. Ingram and Dr. Pratte. You will also need to share the password with one or both of them (again A-State has the right to access them). Should you choose not to follow this policy, the University/College/Department may at any time request that we shutdown the service. If they do make the request, it WILL be shut it down without hesitation. Since Seafile provides file syncing, you will not lose any files. However, if they are encrypted, you may not be able to access them anymore.