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Homework Suffix

This statement is designed to be placed at the bottom of laboratory homework manuals. You can include it by adding {{Homework Suffix}} to the page where you want the statement to appear. If your laboratory requires the submission of multiple programs, add the argument multiple=true to adjust the statement accordingly: {{Homework Suffix| multiple=true}}


The following statement will appear when you transclude this page:

When you have completed and tested the program, submit the source code by using the course submission utility.

If you have any difficulty in completing this assignment, be sure to get help from your instructor.

Spend enough time with pencil and paper to satisfy yourself that you truly understand the problem and can work examples by hand before starting to write program code; you cannot explain a solution to a computer if you do not understand it yourself. If you find you do not understand a problem well enough to work examples by hand, seek out input from your instructor or fellow classmates; discussion with classmates can be particularly rewarding for both parties (as long as collaboration stops here). Start as early as you can to give yourself every opportunity to think through a solution; starting close to the deadline increases pressure on you and can make it even harder to think.