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Dr. Jason L CauseyDr. Jason L Causey
Assistant Professor
OfficeABI 206Office HoursOffice hours for Spring 2022 will be announced soon. For now, Zoom and in-person meetings are available by appointment.
Phone870-972-3978 ext.
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If you need to communicate or send files securely, you can use Keybase; just search for my Keybase ID: jcausey_astate


Don't be nervous about the robots, be nervous about the people with the resources to build them.

Randall Munroe, title text from

Directions to My Office

ABI 206 can be a little difficult to find if you haven't been in the building before. Click here for some step-by-step directions to my office.

Current Course Information

CS4/5623 Spring 2022

Syllabus (Graduate)

Syllabus (Undergraduate)

COVID-19 Information

Notice Concerning the Possibility of Interruption of Instruction Due to an Emergency: While it is the goal of Arkansas State University to offer face-to-face classes for its on-campus programs, the university recognizes that in the event of emergency it may become necessary to shift courses into hybrid or online delivery modes. The recent experience of the COVID-19 pandemic made this necessary; however, the same need to shift could be the product of other natural or civil disasters, and could be for short or extended periods of time. To prepare, this means nearly every course offered will have a component where high-speed, reliable internet access is essential to course success. Other technology such as web cameras or specific software may be required by instructors to facilitate remote instruction (please consult the A-State Internet and Technical Services website for more details). Students are strongly encouraged to secure broadband access they can use for the semester either on or off campus. In the event of the need to change the mode of instruction, A-State will endeavor to keep as many on-campus facilities and support areas open as possible dependent on the circumstances of the emergency.

Please remember, all official notifications are made through your official A-State email account, the university website, and Blackboard Learn. You are responsible for checking your university email to ensure you receive the latest updates regarding your courses.

"Anybody who claims to have a perfect language is either a salesman or a fool, or both."

Bjarne Stroustrup

Additional Information for All Courses

Command Line Tools on Mac OS 
Explains how to work with our development tool chain from Apple computers.
Often used for grading quiz, exam, or homework questions of "short answer" length or larger that are not covered by a more specific rubric.
Plagiarism in a Programming Context 
An explanation of plagiarism as it pertains to programming, with some discussion of why it matters.

"No work is less work than some work."

Andrei Alexandrescu


{code|friday} is a coding, technology, and CS-related "brown-bag session" for tech talks and code reviews held every Friday. Visit for more information.


A listing of the tools and technology provided in the meeting room. Helpful for planning how you will present your talk.
Apple's "goto fail" Bug 
Originally presented by Jason Causey on 28 Feburary, 2014.
The original (Apple) source code containing the bug is available from Apple's Open Source site. The source code for timing the possible "fixes" is available as a GitHub Gist
OpenSSL HeartBleed Vulnerability 
Originally presented by Jason Causey on 11 April, 2014.
Based on the excellent analysis of the vulnerability found at:

Information from courses I taught in previous semesters is available here.


"In CS, it can be hard to explain the difference between the easy and the virtually impossible."

Randall Munroe, from