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Open Source -- News, Licensing, Repositories

Open Source Licenses    approved open source licenses
ODSL    Open Source Development Labs
SourceForge    largest source repository
BerliOS    "The Open Source Mediator"
ObjectWeb    middleware repository
Freshmeat    software release news    Java Open Source projects    Open Source Software Engineering projects

News -- Industry, Open Source, Software, Operating Systems, Development

Slashdot    best site for general technical news
Newsforge    industry news site
BSDNews    Unix BSD news
DaemonNews    more Unix BSD news
BSDFreak    yet another BSD news site
BSDForums    Unix BSD news and more
OSNews    general OS news    Linux news
Distrowatch    Linux/BSD distribution news
OSDir    Open Source/Linux news (part of Oreilly network)
FreeOS    Free Operating Systems news

Operating Systems -- Linux, BSD Unix, Open Source


For news see:

SUSE    Novell's SUSE Linux
Fedora    RedHat Linux project
CentOS    RedHat Enterprise server-based distribution
Ubuntu    Debian/Gnoppix based distribution - very friendly
Gentoo    Best source distribution - not for the faint of heart
Debian    GNU sponsored Linux
Knoppix    Best LiveCD distribution
Rocks Cluster    RedHat Enterprise based cluster distribution
LFS    Linux From Scratch - create your own distribution
Onebase    Linux source distribution
Bastille Linux    Linux hardening system for SUSE, RedHat, Debian, Gentoo

BSD Unix

For news see:

FreeBSD    best 4.4-based BSD distrubution for Intel platform
DragonFly BSD    FreeBSD 4.x branch - many new features
NetBSD    oldest BSD open source distribution - extremely portable
OpenBSD    NetBSD 1.x branch - very secure
OpenDarwin    MacOS kernel ports - Mach3 microkernel for x86


For news see:

T2    Multiple platform/OS Distribution Build Kit
GNU Hurd    Hurd servers implemented on Mach3 microkernel
Haiku    Open Source BeOS clone
ReactOS    Open Source Windows clone
FreeDOS    Open Source DOS clone
AROS    Open Source AmigaOS clone
OpenSolaris    Open Source Sun Solaris OS

Server Applications

web servers

Apache    standard HTTP server (Linux, Win, MacOSX)

dns servers

BIND    standard domain name server (Linux)

network encryption

OpenSSH    sshd server, ssh & scp client (Linux, Win)
SafeTP    transparently encrypts ftp channels, server/client solutions (Linux, Win)

mail servers

Postfix    very secure SMTP server (Linux)
qmail    another very secure SMTP server (Linux)
sendmail    standard SMTP server (Linux)

database management servers

PostgreSQL    best SQL server (Linux, Win), also look at phpPgAdmin
MySQL    very popular SQL server (Linux, Win), also look at phpMyAdmin
Firebird    branch from Borland's Interbase SQL server (Linux, Win)

Client Applications

office productivity

OpenOffice    office suite - everything but a database - compatible with MSOffice (Linux, Win)
AbiWord    modern wordprocessor (Linux, Win)


SQLite    SQL database system (Linux, Win)