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SimNet for Office 2016, Standalone, Office Suite Registration Code (Required)

To access SimNet, follow the link to SimNet for Arkansas State University

When setting up your account, please enter your name as you are registered at A-State and use your A-State email address.

Note: The SIMnet site offers a courtesy account which will allow students to have an active account for 14 days; the registration code may be purchased and entered at any time during these 14 days to switch the account to a regular account with no loss of work or grades.

Note: SIMnet accounts and product codes remain active beyond the end date of this class. If you have accessed SIMnet via the above address in the past, it is probable that your account and product codes you registered remain active.

Purchasing Information

Title   SimNet for Office 2016, Standalone, Office Suite Registration Code
ISBN   1259177408 or 978-1259177408
Publisher   McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Description   This code is required in order to access the simulation website, SimNet, which will be used for this course.

NOTE: Once used, a code cannot be used again. Do not buy "used" codes that have the silver scratched off the code.

Microsoft® Office 2016

The SimNet lessons, quizzes and exams will all be accessible through a supported web browser. However, the projects require the use of Microsoft® Office 2016. Any computer on campus will have Microsoft® Office installed. If you wish to install Microsoft® Office on your personal computer, please see refer to the information below.

Install Microsoft® Office 365 Pro from the IT Store. (You may want to download the Arkansas State University Software Download Instructions PDF first.) Once you have access to Office 365, you will need to install the applications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016 on your computer.

If you experience technical issues with Microsoft Office, please contact IT Services or Microsoft Technical Support.

SimNet Supported Browsers

Since SimNet is a simulation, there can be unexpected results during its use. While it works well with the supported browsers, we have found that it generally works best with Mozilla Firefox and so recommend its use during the course. Google Chrome is another recommended, supported browser so we have included a link to the Google Chrome site as well.

The McGraw-Hill SimNet Website

The content for this course will be delivered using the McGraw-Hill SimNet site. It is a simulation of the Microsoft® Office Suite over the Internet. SimNet may be accessed from any Internet connection with supported browsers and Flash via the link in the Materials section of the course syllabus.

The course is broken into four main topics. Each topic will have several SimNet lessons; the number of lessons will vary. Each lesson has a corresponding quiz associated with it. Each topic will have one skills-based exam and one concepts-based exam. There are projects associated with the Word, Excel and PowerPoint topics. The lessons, quizzes and projects for each topic will be available for grading between the dates indicated on the course schedule. Lessons, quizzes and projects will be due by 11:59 p.m. on the night before the scheduled exam date. If you did not complete the lessons, quizzes and projects for the topic, you may still take the exams. You must be present in the classroom or in Disability Services in order to take the exams. The lessons and quizzes will be grouped into collections by category and made available in order for you to review everything before the final exam; these collections will not be for a grade. More information on each of the different types of SimNet assignments is provided below.

The first topic, Computers, Windows, File Management and Internet Concepts, consists of four lessons and four quizzes. This topic does not have a project. The lessons and quizzes are set to open at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of class. The next set of lessons, quizzes and projects, those for Microsoft® Word, will be available beginning at 8:00 a.m. the day of the first topic's exam. This pattern will continue for the remaining topics. See schedule for details.


Lessons consist of several related skills; the number of skills per lesson will vary with each lesson. Each skill has its own page which will include text, images, slideshows, etc that present information as well as tips & tricks, tell me more and another method links (links vary by skill) which show some additional tidbit related to the skill discussed. At the top left, there will be some combination of show me, guide me and let me try links.

  • show me This will launch a short video of the information discussed; a demonstration of the skill is presented. You are not required to view these videos.
  • guide me This will launch an interactive video simulation which will help guide you through the steps discussed for the skill. You are not required to complete these interactive video simulations.
  • let me try This will launch an interactive simulation which will allow you to demonstrate your mastery of the skill. You are required to complete these interactive simulations for credit.

Lesson points for this course are accumulated by completing each skill's let me try. Once a skill's let me try has been completed, it is recorded on SimNet. If you must exit a lesson, you can pick up from where you left off at a later time. Lessons may be done repeatedly, as many times as you want. Only the highest score is recorded in the gradebook.

Once a lesson has been completed, the lesson tile will appear in the Submitted section of your SimNet screen.


Each quiz will be represented by a block that is labeled exam. The title of the assignment will contain the word Quiz while topic exams will contain the word Exam in their titles.

Each lesson has a corresponding quiz. The number of questions per quiz will vary. You will have three attempts per quiz question. If you did not answer the question correctly after the third attempt, the questions will be marked incorrect. You have five attempts per quiz to get a perfect score. Quizzes are "open book", so if you cannot remember the skill, you can refer back to the lesson in another window while taking the quiz. If you do not have time to complete a quiz, be sure to Save Progress rather than End Exam. You can then continue to work on the quiz until you have completed it. Only the highest score is recorded in the gradebook.

As the quiz format is exactly the same as the skills-based exam format, it is recommended that you reserve one attempt of each quiz as a trial run of an exam in order to help prepare the for the actual exam.

Once a quiz has been completed, it will appear in the Submitted section of your screen.


Beginning with the first Microsoft® Office product, Word, we will have real-world projects to complete along with lessons and quizzes. To complete a project, you must be using a computer that has Microsoft® Office 2016 installed. The online and older versions of Office will not produce documents that can be accepted for full credit. If your personal computer does not have this application suite installed and you would like to install it, please refer to the Microsoft® Office 2016 in the Materials section of the course syllabus for instructions on where/how to download the software. It is free to students at A-State for as long as you are a student. If your personal computer does not have this application installed and you do not want to install it, you are not required to do so. You may use any computer that has the appropriate Microsoft® Office suite installed.

The first time you start a project, you will be required to download and read the Best Practices document. You will only have to do this once. Please read the information carefully.

For each project, you will need to download the instructions, start file, solution and any resource files associated with the project. The solution file will be a PDF that will show how the document should look upon completing the instructions; refer to this document as needed to verify your work. The instructions will be a PDF that will direct you to perform various formatting and editing actions. Read and follow the instructions carefully; it is best to compete the instructions in the order they are given due to automatic grading. Any resources are downloaded in an archive (ZIP file) and must be extracted before they can be used; information on how to do this can be found in the Best Practices document. You will need to know where the start file and resources file are located on the computer in order to complete the project and submit it so it is a good idea to Save those files rather than open them; once saved, use Windows Explorer to locate and open the start file and extract the resources from the resources archive file.

Once you have completed the instructions, or have run out of time, return to the SimNet project page and click the Upload my file button. If you did not complete the project, click No, I'm not ready.; when you return to the project page, there will a link beneath the original listing of files where you can download the file you uploaded in order to continue working on the project. If you have completed the project, click Yes, submit the file. in order to submit the project for grading.

For each project, you have three chances to get a perfect score. Each time you submit a project, it is graded and you are given immediate feedback. If you did not get 100%, a list of incorrect findings is given. To show more detail for each incorrect finding, click the summary. You may either make corrections to the file you submitted or you may start from the beginning by downloading the start file again. The highest score reported will always be what is recorded in the gradebook. Once a project is completed, the project tile will move to the Submitted section of the screen. If you have any questions or problems with projects, please contact your instructor via email.


One exam, a skills-based exam, will post on exam day. This exam will follow the same format as the quizzes and will test your ability to actually use the software. Each skills-based exam consists of 35 questions.

Unlike a lesson or quiz, once an exam has been started, it must be completed. While you can work on a lesson or quiz multiple times, an exam can be taken only once. Exams are "closed book" and should be completed without referring to any resource. Once completed, the exam tile will move to the Submitted section of the screen.


Technical Issues

Students should report technical issues to ITS when working on university property; if the problem occurs within the Computer Science and Mathematics building, please notify your instructor.

It is the responsibility of the student to resolve any technical issues directly with the appropriate technical support when working on personal equipment. Students that are unable to complete the assigned work on personal computers are expected to complete the work on university computers. Due dates will not be altered due to technical issues experienced on personal computers.

Students that are planning to use personal computers are encouraged to complete SimNet's System Requirements Test (link available on the login page of SimNet) as quickly as possible. Follow the instructions given to update or install any needed software.

If you experience technical issues with SimNet, contact SimNet Technical Support (see link on SimNet login page).

Tips to Try Before Contacting Technical Support

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a simulation, so there will be occasional hiccups. There are some things that you can do that can resolve issues and you should try these before posting the problem or contacting Tech Support.

  • In general, the website works with its supported web browsers, but occasionally, it works better for a particular lesson or quiz question in a different browser. Thus far, the best overall experience for A-State students has been with Mozilla Firefox. If you cannot get SimNet to accept an answer, the first suggestion is to try it in a different browser.
  • For exams and quizzes, issues can often be resolved if you force the question to reload. You can do this by moving to the next question and then back again. Issues can result from students clicking through different possible answers before finding the correct answer. By the time the student correctly answers the question, the sequence s/he used to get to that solution will have "confused" the simulation software. Reloading the question will simply reset everything.
  • Read the question/instructions very, very carefully.
    • If the instructions are to answer the question using the ribbon and you are using a keyboard shortcut, the answer will be considered incorrect because you did not follow the instructions.
    • If there is something to type, be sure to type it exactly as shown. Capitalization and punctuation are important.