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Courses Substitution Policies


BS student can take all or part of General Physics I-II in place of all or part of University Physics I-II under the following circumstances:

  • The student can graduate in a timely manner by taking General Physics I-II during the summer. University Physics I-II is not offered during the summer. This is especially helpful for transfer students.
  • The student took University Physics I, but University Physics II has a time conflict with other course requirements for the B.S. Math degree, and the student is graduating or close to graduating. The student is allowed to take General Physics II to complete the year of physics requirement.

Note that the student already has credit for both General Physics I-II. They might request for the substitution for University Physics II if committee agrees (based on above condition). Basically, the student already has credit for General Physics I (and General Physics II) is still required to complete University Physics II.

CS 1114 Concepts of Programming

The BA student can take one other CS-elective (senior level) to substitute CS1114 Concepts of Programming

Foreign Languages

Student is encouraged to take Foreign Languages, or CS-electives instead.


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