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Guidelines for Application Assessment

These guidelines are used to assess all graduate applications for the MS in Computer Science.

Core Courses

  • CS 2114 Structured Programming
  • CS 2124 OOP and Data Structures
  • CS 3113 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 3223 Computer Organization
  • CS 3233 Operating Systems
  • MATH 2183 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 2204 Calculus I

Non-CS Applicants

  • For related degrees, programming can be credited for CS 2114 and CS 2124 equivalents.
  • All students are required to have CS 3113 as a prerequisite.
  • In addition, all students are required to have CS 3223, CS 3233, MATH 2183.
  • If the mathematics background is missing calculus, then MATH 2204 is also required.

CS Applicants

  • The CS 3113 equivalent course in the student's program must not appear in the first year of study.

Additional Requirements

  • More than 9 hours of deficiencies must be completed before any graduate work.