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  • CSCADE Website is used for managing all laboratory activities for CS1114, CS2114, and CS2124, as well as course materials for other classes.


Following are the list of the Programming Laboratory Manuals for courses in Computer Science.

CS 1114 Concepts of Programming

Python Tutorials
  1. Getting to Know Our Labs
  2. Introducing Algorithms
  3. Introduction to Python
  4. User Input
  5. Python Functions
  6. Selection
  7. Repetition
  8. File I/O
  9. Data Structures - List

CS 2114 Structured Programming

An Introduction to C++, Unix, SSH and Komodo Edit
Programming Errors, Variables and User Input
I/O (Input/Output)
Repetition with for and while
Repetition with do-while
Functions and Value Parameters
Functions and Reference Parameters
Data Processing
Sorting and Searching Arrays

CS 2124 Object-Oriented Programming

  1. Classes and Objects
    Homework: Classes and Objects
  2. Arrays and C-Style Strings
    Homework: Arrays and C-Style Strings
  3. Pointers and Dynamic Memory
    Homework: Dynamic Memory
  4. Using a Debugger
    Homework: Using a Debugger
  5. Operator Overloading
    Homework: Operator Overloading
  6. Composition of Objects
    Homework: Composition of Objects
  7. The Singly-Linked List
    Homework: The Singly-Linked List
    Homework: An Ordered List of Movies
  8. The Stack and the Class Template
    Homework: The Stack and the Class Template
    Homework: The Queue and the Class Template
  9. The Binary Search Tree and Recursion
    Homework: The Binary Search Tree and Recursion
  10. Inheritance
    Homework: Inheritance
  11. Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
    Homework: Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
  12. Smart Pointers
    Homework: Smart Pointers
  13. The Random Access File
    Homework: The Random Access File
  14. Efficient Sorting
    Homework: Sort Function Templates and Timing

Supplemental Labs

Operator Overloading and Templates
Tutorial/In-Lab: Operator Overloading and Templates
Homework1: Function Templates and Header Files
Exception Handling
Exception Handling
Homework: Exception Handling
The Standard Template Library
The Standard Template Library
Homework: The Standard Template Library
Homework: Making Use of the STL Containers and Algorithms
Templated Binary Search Tree
Templated Binary Search Tree
Homework: Sets