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This page provides both instructions and download information for freely available software used in the courses within the department. The instructions pertain to installing for use within the courses. For more general introductions, please consult the official websites.

Visual Studio Pro

Students and Faculty can now download MS Visual Studio Pro from the ITS website. To download:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Microsoft Visual Studio Pro
  3. Agree to the Campus Software agreement (it says Symantec but the agreement is suppose to cover Visual Studio as well).
  4. Sign-in using your A-State credentials
  5. Click on Microsoft Visual Studio Pro to download it. It is a 1.4G zip that contains an iso and the license key.
  6. Burn the iso to a DVD and install it on you computer.


Cygwin is a Linux-like programming environment for Windows. It is based on the GNU software programming environment.

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