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# Start terminal
# Start terminal
# Compile/Run
# Compile/Run
Introductory Tutorial on C#
* Learn C# [https://www.learncs.org/]

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Visual Studio 2019 - Windows, Mac

  1. Download software for your platform, Install
    Visual Studio 2019 Download [1]
    Install the software by executing the installation package (default components include C#)
    Further instructions on installation [2]
  2. Open Visual Studio
    Execute the Visual Studio in your applications
  3. Start Project
    Select option for "new" project on the menu
    Under ".NET Core", select "App"
    In the list, select "Console Application", make sure "C#" is selected in the drop-down
    Select "Next"
    Use default Target Framework, ".NET Core 3.1"
    Select "Next"
    Type "Hello" in the "Project Name", "Solution Name" will autofill
    Select "Browse" to choose the directory for Visual Studio projects
    Select "Create"
  4. Compile/Run
    In application menu, select "Run"->"Start Debugging"
    For more information on this process look at this website [3]

Visual Studio Code - Windows, Mac, Linux

  1. Download software for your platform
    Visual Studio Code [4]
    .NET Core (latest) [5]
  2. Install Extensions for Microsoft C# development
    Instructions [6]
  3. New file
  4. Start terminal
  5. Compile/Run

Introductory Tutorial on C#