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:<table border=0><tr><th align=left>Tests (2)</th><td></td><td>50%</td></tr><tr><th align=left>Final</th><td></td><td>25%</td></tr><tr><th align=left>Programs</th><td></td><td>25%</td></tr></table>
:<table border=0><tr><th align=left>Tests (2)</th><td></td><td>50%</td></tr><tr><th align=left>Final</th><td></td><td>25%</td></tr><tr><th align=left>Programs</th><td></td><td>25%</td></tr></table>
Note: programs should follow the department guidelines: [Computer_Science_Program_Grading_Criteria|CS Program Grading Criteria]
''Note:'' programs should follow the department guidelines: [[Computer_Science_Program_Grading_Criteria|CS Program Grading Criteria]]
=== Schedule ===
=== Schedule ===

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CS 50X2 Accelerated Programming

Fall 2019, Section 001, MTWR 4:00pm-5:15pm, CSM 217 (6 credits)


Dr. Jeff Jenness
OfficeCSM 132Office HoursTR 11:00am-12:00pm and MW 11:00pm-12:00pm
Phone870-972-3978 ext. 8117Emailjeffj@astate.edu

Course Descriptions

CS 5012.  Accelerated Structured Programming
Accelerated overview of structured programming techniques and the C++ language. Corequisites: CS 5022, CS 5032. Fall, Spring.

CS 5022.  Accelerated Object-Oriented Programming and Fundamental Data Structures
Accelerated overview of object-oriented programming techniques, basic data structures, and algorithms. Corequisites: CS 5012, CS 5032. Fall, Spring.

CS 5032.  Accelerated Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures
Accelerated overview of advanced data structures as well as common algorithms and analysis. Corequisites: CS 5012, CS 5022. Fall, Spring.

Course Outcomes

Same as outcomes in CS 2114, CS 2124, and CS 3113


Grades are assigned on a standard scale with the following weights:

Tests (2)50%

Note: programs should follow the department guidelines: CS Program Grading Criteria


Dates to Remember





Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures Through Objects, 9th ed. (ISBN: 978-0134544847), by Tony Gaddis. Pearson, 2017. (Amazon) (companion site)

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, 4th ed. (ISBN: 978-1133608424), by Adam Drozdek. Cengage Learning, 2012. (Amazon) (companion site)


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Course Policies

See Department Policies which will be adhered to within the course.

See Also

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